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China and Sri Lanka have a long history of friendly exchanges. Zheng He, a navigator in the Ming Dynasty, visited Sri Lanka many times during his voyages to the West. China and Sri Lanka officially established diplomatic relations on February 7, 1957. In May 2013, the two sides upgraded their bilateral relations to a strategic cooperative partnership of sincere mutual assistance and friendship from generation to generation. During his stay in Colombo, the task commander, major general Guan Berlin, met with major leaders of the Slovak Navy, such as Lieutenant General vijgunarat, commander of the Slovak Navy, major general atigail, commander of the Western military region of the Slovak Navy, and so on; Peace Ark will conduct physical examination and treatment for the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, employees of Chinese funded institutions, overseas students and overseas Chinese; At the same time, free diagnosis and treatment services are provided for Sri Lankan military and police personnel, their families and local people. The peace Ark will organize an open day for ships to be open to local people. The peace Ark will also supply oil and materials, and arrange task officers and soldiers to go ashore for rest.